The misdeeds of people in power and in the limelight have brought a lot of media attention to the epidemic of domestic violence and sexual assault. Society, as a whole, needs to learn how to discuss and control this unspoken nightmare that affects our mothers, sisters, daughters, and wives.

Sophia Moreno is a survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault, both beginning early in her childhood years. She wanted to share her experience to help others realize that they are not alone. With the help of Sophia’s personal narrative, she hopes to inspire women to shatter the vicious cycle of abuse and assault.

The goal of I Am a Survivor is to provide necessary resources and bring inspiration to the abused. You are not alone. Other women have suffered similar horrors and escaped to live purposeful, happy lives. The path might be difficult, but there is healing on the other side of darkness.

Domestic violence and sexual assault is an epidemic that needs to be stopped through awareness, education, and advocacy for the victims.

In A Message to My Abuser, Sophia Moreno rehashes her experiences through letters to her abusers that not only reveal a glimpse into her journey through domestic violence and sexual assault, but also help remind the abused that they are not alone. While educating the community through true stories she hopes will bring awareness and inspire conversations, Sophia shares insight into her molester, messages to her various abusers as well as herself, the signs of gas lighting, tips and steps to support survivors of abuse, myths and facts about sexual trauma, and valuable resources such as national hotlines, important websites, statistics, sample letters, and themed movies.

A Message to My Abuser is a collection of personal letters, messages, and helpful tips offered to inspire the abused to rise above their suffering, heal, and ultimately thrive.

I Am a Survivor

I Am a Survivor