I Am a Survivor

An Innocence Lost

I’m just a child.
An innocent child.
I became a victim as a child.
You took that innocence from me as a child.
I did not ask to become a victim.
My life became dark-some.
You see, you sexually abused me as a child.
An innocent child.
My life became very dark.
You took away my innocence,
And it’s now on your sick conscience.
You were family,
And I just became the latest casualty.

Then came the innocent child’s mental abuse.
That innocent child has the blues.
I’m just a child… An innocent child.
My innocence taken again
Because you’ve been so vain.
I’m just an innocent child.
And I see everything is still all about you.
And all just because your temper just blew.
An innocent child, it’s all my fault … Just in default.

An innocent child’s sexually abused.
An innocent child’s mentally abused.
I was the victim. And I am now the survivor.
And now I’m the thriver. I can revive her.
Life must go on. I can now live on.
I’ve let go of my fears. I hope I can now help my peers.



A Message to My Abuser

Sophia Moreno, author of I Am a Survivor, offers another inspirational book on domestic violence and sexual assault awareness. In her sequel, she revisits her experiences through her letters to her abusers.



I Am a Survivor

I Am a Survivor